I’d like to take a moment here to share with you a quick bit of help. If you are like me, and are toying around with puredata in OSX you might run into the same problem I have. You need an external to work, but it isn’t. It’s an open source community, so they aren’t very helpful, although they mean well.

Specifically you, like me, are futzing with OSC, and for OSC you need the Mrpeach externals. For one reason or another Pdextended doesn’t like to load the Mrpeach externals at startup. I spent some time trying to find help with this, and while I found a bunch of dead links to the externals download and flippancy about “newbs” I was out of luck until I came across someone who accidentally shared useful information by way of a screenshot (shared in a moment).

Alright then fellow PD futzer, the externals ARE there, you don’t need to install them. What you need is to use the [import] object. Specifically, put an object someplace in your patch before you start, connected to nothing. In the object type the following:

[import mrpeach]

like so:

via Floss Manuals.net

You are now ready to use such exciting Mrpeach objects as [tcpsend] and [packOSC]!

With very special thanks to Pulsewidth via twitter for directing me to the Mrpeach extras in the first place


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